About the Company

San Diego and Southern California’s premier one stop shop for all coil coating protection needs.

Our mission is to provide effective coil coating protection and energy efficiency solutions to our customers in the most convenient and efficient way possible. By offering top of the line COIL SAFE and THERMAL BLOCK products, alongsideconvenient pickup and delivery services, we are able to provide a top-notch solution and experience for any client looking to drastically reduce their energy bill or protect their investment in their refrigeration and HVAC equipment. At San Diego Coastal Coating we strive to be a leader in the industry and always put our clients FIRST.

Meet the Owners

Steven and Jameson have been serving the San Diego community for years as one of the top providers of Refrigeration and HVAC service. (Find them at The Cooler Guys HVAC, also!)

As longtime friends and coworkers they decided in 2018 that it was time to branch off and start a company that not only can provide top of the line professional services to its clients, but ALSO can create a top-notch work environment that cares for its employees and treats them like family, which is a factor that has been missing in the industry for some time.

In this short period of time they have made strong business relationships with countless San Diego staples including the likes of Petco park, Sammy’s woodfire pizza, Puesto, Belching beaver, Hodads, Lou and Mickeys, Cafe Sevilla, and also national brands including Jamba Juice, Live Nation, Hilton hotels and many more.

This industry background has shined a light a huge problem which is the impact that the coastal climate has on refrigeration and HVAC equipment, and with the background and experience Steven and Jameson have it makes them the perfect pair to tackle these issues head on while also keeping their mission of creating a positive working environment that ALWAYS takes care of its people.

Ready to protect your investment?

Our mobile and in-house coating services are designed to help you protect your investment wherever you’re located in Southern California.