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Mobile  Coating Services

By offering top of the line CoilSafe® and ThermalBlock products and offering convenient pickup and delivery services, we are able to provide a convenient and effective solution for any client looking to drastically reduce their energy bill or protect their investment in their refrigeration and HVAC equipment.

In House  Coating Services

Extend the life of your HVAC & Refrigeration systems, no matter where you’re located. Our in-house coating services allow you to simply ship your coil to us and rest assured that it will be protected for a lifetime (and bringing in energy savings!) with our top of the line CoilSafe® and ThermalBlock products products.

Tested, Trusted, and Proven for ROI and Energy Savings

When choosing a provider to support you and your business, it can be tough to make decisions on trusting someone else to make sure things are held to your standards. With that said, SD Coastal Coating has been nothing but fantastic to work with the coating and their process is above the rest. Give them a call when it comes to all your coastal coating needs! You will not be disappointed.

Donavan Truesdale, Blue Diamond Heating and Air

San Diego Coastal Coating did a great job coating a package unit for me and accommodated for my rushed time frame! Made the coil coating process easier and faster than the other companies I’ve used in the past. They will be my go-to company in the future.

Gary Terrell, Performance Air Systems Inc



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